Short Stories Published on the Web

  • The Cold That Night Brings
    This horror story appeared in Fiction on the Web
  • The Boy Next Door
    Wild Violet Contest Feb 2004--Cultural conflict in a small town during WWII.
  • The Buzzards Are Flying
    Buzzards arrive in a small town Apparatus Magazine
  • Car Jack
    Muzzle Flash April 2008--Careful what you steal.
  • Driving Me Crazy
    A short story about other drivers The Short Humor Site
  • Drum, Drum, Drumming
    The Legendary, November 2009 Some habits are irritating
  • Feed a Stranger, Lose a Friend
    Sonar4 Science Fiction Magazine--An alien bar is profitable.
  • Flights
    Cafe Irreal May 2007--Who's piloting the balloon?
  • Flight of the Red Kite
    Digitalis Obscura Issue 2--A man is led away by a red kite.
  • Garden Ornamentals
    Nominated for 2010 Pushcart Prize in Fiction
  • Laugh is a Smile That Bursts
    Short Story LIbrary
  • Light on HIs Feet
    Bending Spoon July 2008--She leads her husband down the path.
  • Rainbow In My Yard
    A rainbow mysteriously appears in his yard. What to do? Arct Magazine
  • Sand and Water
    Drunk and Lonely Men Nov 2008--A soldier gets thirsty.
  • Skin and Bones
    Danse Macabre Totentanze issue--Growing pains
  • The Story of Harold
    Harold has a Q-tip in his ear? Sillymess Magazine
  • The Virgin Wore White
    Big Pulp Mar 2008--Answering an ad can be interesting.
  • Whim of Iron
    Word Catalyst July 2008--What will a husband do when the wife is away?
  • Nile's Narrative
    A story about a mysterious alphabet block was published by Wordland 2.
  • Klin: Remembered Snow
    A lonely man experiences strange snows in a desolate part of the world. This story appeared in Magic Realism Anthology
  • Name
  • You Can't Tell a Room by Its View
    To be published in Subterranean Quarterly
  • Our Immortal Souls
    Accepted for publication by Black Denim Journal
  • Green Things Grow in the Spring
  • Computer Dating
    A story about a devious computer was accepted by Scrutiny Journal
  • An Evening in Spoleto
    A couple visitng the small town of Spoleto, Italy discover new ways of looking at life. Published in Front Porch Review

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