Short Stories Published in Anthologies

Links to sources for stories published in 25 different anthologies

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"The Holy Pail" appeared in a Six-Pack of Stories; a collection based on a love for beer.

"Useful Gifts" appeared in Tastes Like Pennies

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My story "No Sweat" is in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: Flush Fiction 

The Fear Anthology is a UK publication which contains my short story, "House for Rent"

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"The Emperor Shows the Way"; A sailor lost in the Antarctic uses a penguin for his guide.

"A Cursed Tail": A horror story about a nasty cat.

"Coyote Christmas": Aging family members react to Christmas.

"Don't Get Mad….": A wife finds sweet revenge.

"Fish Don't Have Names": About a man who becomes obsessed with the koi in his pond.

"London Bridge is Falling Down": An elderly couple visits London and discovers more than history.

"Second Story Man": A thief discovers more than loot.

"Frequent Flyer": Nighttime visits can get you in trouble.

"The Green House"; Moving into a new house results in problems for the owners.

"King": A young boy seeks revenge.

"The Devil Rides the Ferris Wheel"; A boy meets the devil and it changes his life.

"Driving Me Crazy"; A perspective on other drivers.

"How Ya Doin?";  Technology can be difficult to deal with.


"Bats"; A vampire story in reverse.

"Grandpa's Music"; A boy listens to his grandpa play the fiddle.


"Ice and the Silence of the Night"; A US Navy ship is stuck in the ice and fear surrounds the ship. (No Link--Not yet published)

"Ladies in Waiting" A paper boy discovers some life secrets.

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"Oil on Troubled Water"   A jealous husband and his solution.

"Magician of the Mountains" is a story about a woman in Kentucky who ends up missing after a visit from the Magician of the Mountains.  This flash anthology contains stories from Kentucky authors and stories about Kentucky.

"House for Rent'" is a story about a young girl's adventure with ghosts in a rented house   Fear is an anthology of horror published in the UK.

"A Visit to the Library" will appear in Freedom Forge Press Anthology--Available in September, 2013.  

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The Dream That Coils in My Soul--What happens when your dog goes berserk and you find out there's more to this than meets the eye?

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