First Post

It suddenly came upon me that I should write a blog for this site; this is my first attempt.

My wife Joyce and I attended the Wildacres Writing Workshop in July and, as usual, it was a fantastic experience.  The workshop director, Judi Hill, knows how to combine hard work and a good time.  The Wildacres Retreat is the perfect place for you if you like being in the mountains and want your creative juices nurtured by spending time with other inspired writers.  

I always come away from Wildacres with new ideas and good suggestions for the short story I submitted for my class.

If you are interested in attending in 2014, the URL for the site is

I have a manuscript of over 200 pages that I am getting ready to submit for publication.  Well, I am getting my query letter written.  I've found that it is not easy to write a query letter and I've been visiting sites that have samples; this is a big help.  My manuscript is a collection of over 40 short stories which include science fiction, paranormal, bizzaro, magic realism, and speculative fiction.  Over twenty of the stories have been previously published.

My short story, "A Visit to the Library" will appear in Forging Freedom Anthology which should be available for purchase in September.  

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