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Phil Richardson was born in Hillsboro, Ohio.  He was an avid reader and at one point the local librarian restricted the number of books he could take out each week. He moved to Wilmington, Ohio in 1950 and graduated from Wilmington High School in 1951. 

 After two years at Wilmington College,he joined the US Nav and his real adventures began.  He spent a year in Fire Control Technician School (studying radar and gunnery) and then was assigned to the USS Nespelen, a gasoline tanker armed with four 3"50 gun mounts. The ship traveled to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and--the ultimate voyage--to the Antarctic as part of Operation Deepfreeze. You can see a description of this voyage by clicking this link--antarctictest.htm 

While in the Navy, Phil experienced an almost fatal crash landing in a C47, his ship was crushed by ice in the Antarctic, he was chased by a wild boar in New Zealand, and the Nespelen experienced one of the worst storms most of the crew had ever seen. 

Phil next served on the USS Truckee which was an armed oiler. His travel on the Truckee included Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Ascension Island, and various ports in the USA.

After leaving the Navy, he attended Ohio University where he met his wife, Joyce, in a creative writing class.  It must have been serendipity since he was a chemistry major at the time and had no reason to be in a fiction writing class.  After receiving a Masters degree in German, he taught German at Ohio University and then became the Language Lab Director,a post that he held for over thirty years (All that Navy electronic training turned out to be very helpful).

Upon his retirement in 1999, the Language Resource Center at Ohio University was named "The Charles (Phil) Richardson Language Resource Center.

Now, with more time to do so, he  started seriously writing fiction and working on his memoirs.  He and Joyce have traveled quite a bit since retirement, and they use the excuse that they are gathering material for their fiction writing.

In March 2009 they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by taking their two sons, Mark and Drew and Drew's wife, Donna to Munich, Germany.  No doubt, more stories will come out of this

And they did.  Phil and Mark had indigestion problems in Germany and when they returned to the US found out Phil needed a quadruple bypass and Mark had renal failure.  All within three months.  Both are doing well.

June 2016

 Wow! Time sure goes by quickly.  I counted today and I have published over 80 short stories.  I"m recently published on two collections of speculative fiction. The first is  called Little Bits of Out There:Fiction Stranger Than Fiction, and the second is titled Little Bits of Darkness: Fiction Even Stranger Than Fiction.   Clicking on the titles will take you to Amazon where, I hope, you might buy them.

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